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St Mary’s Assumption Feast – عيد انتقال القديسة مريم

St. Mary’s Assumption Parish, celebrated with great joy the Feast of its Patroness, on Eve of 15th August. Where His Grace Mar Amel Nona, serviced the High Mass with the participation of the Clergy of the Diocese, and some respected civil and political guests, and multitude of people, who gathered inside and outside the Parish premises. Afterwords, we had a big procession where the Statue of our Lady of the Assumption was highly respected and honoured in carrying by deacons inside and outside the church and followed by a long line of people coming and getting the blessings by kissing the portrait of St. Mary’s. The new Church Hall was officially opened by the Archbishop. The celebration involved many other activities like the charity market and food market. We pray to St. Mary’s’ Of the Assumption to bless and protect all the participants, all who worked tirelessly to make this year’s Feast a great day. Happy Feast Day to all.




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